Questions for the College Grad…Is it time to move?

When It’s time to move out of the parental unit’s house

  • Your Commute to Work Takes a Million Hours. Sure, the train was fun – at the beginning – I mean you felt like a legit grown up, but now you find the conductor banging your seat to wake your butt up for ‘tickets, tickets’ OR sitting in an hour+ of traffic to and from work! It’s time to go.


  • You Love to Go Out. How to piss off the parents? Stroll in at 2 or 3 am. I ask you – is it worth the dirty looks? It’s time to go.


  • Look around your bedroom– yes, right now. Are you walls still covered with, oh I don’t know – Justin Bieber or Natalie Portman? Let’s face it – your room hasn’t been redecorated since middle school – It’s time to go! 


  • Oh bless your heart – you have a boy/girlfriend. Let me ask – what happens when they’d like to sleep over? Yes, it’s time to go.


  • If you are over 25and still unable to do your own laundry – its seriously time to go!


  • You’ve woken up to love lettersasking you to mow the lawn or rake the leaves or shovel the walkway or clean the litter box, or clean your room! Yup – it’s time to go.


  • Ah game night. Who doesn’t love a good family game of Phase 10? But seriously, every weekend? It’s time to go.


  • What’s for dinner? I suppose anything is better than 7 nights of Ramen, but seriously buy a cookbook for dummies and move on. It’s time to go.


  • When your HS friends are moving back into town to raise their own families and you’re over 30– umm, it’s time to go.


How’d you do? It’s time to go isn’t it?

No worries…..Here’s what you will most likely need to move out:

Bed with bedframe: PULEEZE no mattress on the floor. That’s just ridiculous.

Laundry basket – b/c you’ve finally learned how to do laundry that’s why.

Something to sit on – a second hand couch works. Just get a blanket or splurge on a slipcover and viola – its like new.

Something to put the TV on. Many landlords do not want holes in their walls.

Lights: floor, table, lanterns – whatever will brighten the space up.

Table and chairs. Yes – stop eating on the couch.

Curtains or blinds: not everyone wishes to see you walking around in your underwear. Shocking, I know

Pots/Pans/Coffee maker. Granted you can forgo the first two if you’re making bank and can afford to eat out all the time, but the coffee maker is a must.

Utensils – yes I realize cavemen ate with their hands but they’re extinct. Enough said.

Oven mitts – do I need to explain that one?

Cutting board and atleast one sharp knife. No, you can’t cut on the countertops.

Which brings me to a 1st aid kit. The hazards of sharp knives you know.

Plates/Bowls/Glasses: save the planet no Styrofoam or paper. You’re an adult.

Aluminum Foil and Saran Wrap – just trust me.

Salt and Pepper

Dish soap and sponge (yes, even if you have a dishwasher).

Towels/Shower Curtain/Toilet bowl plunger and scrubber. Ever seen a toilet overflow? That’s why.

Trash can b/c a garbage bag on the kitchen floor screams child.

Cleaning Supplies

Fire extinguisher – yes I’m serious – you just learned how to cook!

Flashlight. Sure you can play flashlight tag but I’m thinking more on the lines of a power outage.

Storage bins and duct tape. You’ll thank me later.

And last but not least Toilet Paper, lots and lots of toilet paper.

 Look at all you’ve learned today.

  1. It’s time to go
  2. What you’ll need in order to go

But there’s one more thing we should talk about.

You’ve been home for awhile now. You should have been saving money for that rainy day.

Newsflash – today is that rainy day.

  1. You’ll need the first and last months rent up front and most likely a security deposit.
  2. You’ll need to have the internet, electricity and water turned on and sometimes these companies require a deposit too.
  3. I would suggest getting renters insurance because, you just never know.
  4. Know your credit score before putting a rental application in. It cuts down on the embarrassment but seriously, you’ve been living at home – you should have a Rockstar credit score!
  5. And finally, know your budget. If you plan on partying every night and eating take out that’s going to hit your budget and hard. You need to be dollar savvy – afterall, you need to make the rent each month.

And there you have it. Easy Peasy.


I’ll help you find the best condo/apartment rental in your budget. Give me a call when you are ready…oh wait – – you ARE READY!! Call me NOW and let’s go find your new home!

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